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Why Renters?

Our Script is completely Un-Encrypted, very easy to use & loaded with top notch features.

Responsive Design

Increase your reach to tablet and mobile audiences, It also Increase sales/conversion

Easy Customization

Renters Script is 100% Customisable. You completely change the look & feel of website.

Powerful Performance

The speed and performance of the website will be extremely powerful.

Versions Over the years

Our script is continuously evolving & we have released many versions over the years

Clean Code

Our well experienced Coders developed Renters script like an Art.

Easy to Use

Our Renters Script will be user friendly and very easy to use.

Unique Dashboard

You can easily track the number of trips you have hosted and the annual response rate on your dashboard. You can also track the star ratings that you have received from the guest.OUR FEATURE

Website Backup

Online backup runs quietly in the background so you do not have to worry about it and it won’t affect your current process and the backup is always ready for restore.

Trust & Verification System

Users can get a Valid Verified ID Badge which will help them to build a good reputation with the Host/Guest.

SEO Friendly URL’s

Good URL structures will be easy to read and understand and also people would likely click on it.SEO Friendly URL structure will also help the site to rank higher in the search results..

IP Based Currency

Renters Script is loaded with Advanced Currency Switcher Module, which automatically switches store currency based on visitor’s IP address.

User Registration Fees

If a new guest is signing up on your website you can prompt them to pay a fee to complete the registration by adding an amount in User Registration Fee Tab.

Traveler Service Fee

Admin can earn money by adding a commission amount in the Traveler service fee tab, so that it will be added during checkout, when a Traveler attempts a booking.

Coupon Code Modules

Coupon code module is The ultimate user friendly module which allows you to assign a discount code to a product, category (for each product of this category) and total order.

Additional Features

Google Maps Integration

We made Google maps integration easy and hassle free and are 100% customizable. for Credit Card

Now Guest can pay using their credit card with this Authorize.Net payment Module.

Advanced Help Center

People can find tips & tutorials on using the script & answers to frequently asked questions.

Integrated Google Analytics

It is easy for you to measure & analyze your website traffic with Integrated Google Analytics.

Msg Communication System

Guest & Host can easily communicate with our Advanced Message Communication System.

Advanced Calendar Module

Renters V 2.0 comes with advanced calendar module with check-in & check-out time.

IP Based Currency

Create your own Marketplace Blog and connect people to your brand.

Search by City & Country

Now search easier & get filtered results with search by City, State & Country filters.

Static page Language

Now you can change language for all Statis pages from the backend of the admin panel.

Advanced Features

Amazon Server

Our Renters script can be setted up in Google and Amazon Cloud servers easily.

Bulk Email

Admin can create a group and send bulk email to users using the bulk email option

Watermark Features

This module will add Water Mark on all images uploaded in the website.

Stripe Payment Module

Our script is integrated with Stripe payment module which allows the store owners to accept payment via stripe. It is one of the easiest way to accept credit card payments.

Wishlist Features

If you like a listing you can bookmark them by adding it to your wishlist. Also you can share those listings with your friends through facebook, twitter, Google+ etc,.

Social Signin

Social Signin is the secure and easy way for people to log into an account. Also signing in using your Facebook or Google+ account saves time from filling all the details during signup.

  • Feature

  • Built-In Native IOS App for Hosts & Guests
  • Built-In Native Android App for Hosts & Guests
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Unlimited Hosts
  • Unlimited Property Listing
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Paypal & for credit card
  • Alert for Hosts and Guests
  • Sign in Using Facebook
  • Banner Management
  • Commission Fees
  • Export Properties, Hosts, Guests,Accounts
  • Coupon Code Modules
  • Elegant Search By City, State Name and Country
  • Msg Communication System between Guest & Host
  • Multiple Language
  • Multiple Currency
  • Sub Admin Management & Privileges
  • Wish List Features
  • Traveler Service Fee
  • User Registration Fees
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Review Management System
  • Water Mark Features
  • Trust And Verification System
  • Website Backup through Admin Panel
  • Phone Verification of Hosts Using Twilio account
  • Stripe Payment Module
  • Notification Management
  • Booking Status Management
  • 100% Source Code & Customizable
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Free Installation
  • Free Upgrades
  • Advanced Filter Options
  • Responsive Design
  • IP Based Currency
  • Uploading Images to Cloud Server Amazon S3
  • Free Support
  • Free SEO [off page]