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Datecy is built using Google Maps API & it comes with mobile based app tracking mechanism. The location of the your match can be tracked with GPS


Individual match ratings can be tracked by admin from admin dashboard. Also your matchs can track their overall rating from their your match app.


Apart from adding matcher's rating, there is another option called matcher's feedback, where user can give his/her feedback as text instantly


Datecy comes with social sharing features whether the user can share their ride instantly on social media accounts like facebook, twitter, google plus etc,.


Your matchers can track and analyse all the transactions, credit history and payment information of their rides from their your match app.


Some countries restrict some payment gateways, so we have developed datecy in such a way that any payment gateways can be integrated into it.


If you want to use the app you dont need to login by typing the username, password etc,. rather you can signin easily using your social media accounts


Any user can schedule his/her booking using the option ride later, where the booking will automatically be initiated at the scheduled time.

Easy to Use

Our Dating Script will be user friendly and very easy to use.

Our Feature

Email Verification

Zodate script allow users to do email verification before they access the account or before they send messages, initiate conversations etc,. This will prevent users from using fake email id’s.

Duplicate Registration Prevention

Users may try to create duplicate accounts from same system or same ip’s; Zodate’s advanced Duplicate registration prevention system will prevent users from creating multiple accounts

SEO Friendly URLs

Good URL structures will be easy to read and understand and have high click through rate. SEO Friendly URL structures will also help the site to rank better in the search results.

Smileys in Chat

There is a batch of incredibly amazing section of smileys available in chats.

Newsletter Subscription

Mail subscription option is enabled so that users can send frequent newsletters to users

Multiple Photo Upload

Upload multiple photos at the same time instantly and save your time using multiupload.

Coupon Code Management

Zodate has inbuilt Coupon code Management system. Create & Manage Coupons easily.

Events Calendar

You can add your own events to the calendar and make the most from advanced calendar.

Send Flirts

Users can select the list of animated flirts available and send flirts to their matches

Additional Feature

Custom Meta Tags

Meta Tags represent the page’s content and it is a very important SEO Module

Block IPs

If you want to block a particular set of IP then it can be done easily with this module.

Mass Mailing

Reach out to hundreds of users instantly by sending mass emails in a single click of a button

Image Watermark

To prevent other sites from unauthorised use of images we have added watermark option


Many users prefer 2checkout as they are not authorised to use paypal in their countries

Votes & Likes

Users can vote on questions asked by other users and also they can like others photos. :Upwork Clone Script | PHP Marketplace Script and eCommerce Mobile Apps