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Book a Table

User can book a table by mentioning exact date and time. This process saves time when customers dine-in the restaurant during rush hours or weekends.

Sub Admin Users

Site owners can manage this sub admin user for distributing up their work regarding business purpose. Sub admin process reduces the work of the Admin panel or Site owners regarding their business.


Vouchers are provided to the customers by the restaurants owners in order to gain profits and attract more customers. It is applicable to the customers if they go beyond the minimum order price.


Exciting deals/offers are set-up as per the categories of the new menu list and customer needs based on validity.

GPRS Integration

The main concept of GPRS integration to setup time for delivery orders of the restaurants. Restaurant owner can accept or reject orders after receiving order from the customer request via GPRS. Restaurants can concern delivery time of food order with customer quickly via GPRS.


Invoice management originates accurate commission charges and service tax for each ordering process. It reduces burden of the restaurant owners regarding cash delivery and payment reports.

Commission system or price

The system provides accurate service or commission charges to the customer whenever you make food orders via online and reduces the work of the admin panel during cash delivery process. Or Our commission management system is designed to comfort transaction process of the customer such as

Filter Searches

Customer can filter unwanted cuisines or restaurants according to their wish.

Order Management

Restaurant owners can view complete order details of each customer with price accurately and easily on daily, weekly and monthly basis in a circle image. You can manage pending/accepting order status of customer for your restaurant sites easily.

Reports Management

Report Management reduces work of restaurant owner in checking details of the ordering and delivery process. Restaurant owner can generate exact report details for ordering and delivery process of the customer simply by using this report system.

SMS Integration

Restaurant owners and customers receives SMS to their mobiles immediately, if any order confirmation, account verification and booking table process are carried out or accessed by the customer.

Search by city/postcode/area

Based on area/city/postcode wise customer can find out particular location of restaurant or any available restaurants.

Our Feature

Open/Close/Time Table Status

Time table options are mandatory for restaurants websites and will be decided only by restaurant owners. Open and close are default option available in the restaurant sites. In case of emergency purpose such as (fire accident, disaster, etc) restaurants owner can use these options in their own restaurant

Single/Multiple Timings

Restaurant Owner can set a time for the restaurant using adjustable time settings.

Postcodes Delivery Charges

Restaurant owners can allocate delivery payments and separate delivery process for specific areas based on delivery postcodes easily. Restaurant owners can restrict delivery process to specific areas by delivery postcodes

Menu/add on

User can also select the menu-list based on category wise according to your wish on the webpage. Customer can add an extra item with an ordered food while ordering itself according to their wish.

Alert tones

This alert sound system is applicable for mobile version and helps to remind the customers in their busy hours. Customer receives alert for pending and processing orders systematically. It will be very useful for restaurants in-case of customer order issues.

Delete Management

Restaurant owners can delete unwanted online reviews, post, comments, images, etc in their restaurant sites. You can also delete certain transaction, employees and menus permanently from the point of sale (POS).

Delivery Type as Mapping

Restaurant owners can easily view the exact routing map for the customer location based on Google map during delivery process.

Add to favourites

Customer can add their lovable menus to favourite list of the restaurant site while making online food order itself. This process remains the customer to select favourite food during next time ordering.

Manage Language

Restaurant owner can manage different languages to create restaurant website according to their wish. This process improves your restaurant site business growth and attracts more customers.

Additional Feature


Restaurant owners can send the details of special offers, vouchers, coupons and menu-list for your restaurant sites to multiple customers quickly and easily via this newsletter option. You can also sending bulk information to multiple customers at a time.

Feature Restaurant

Restaurant owners can include extra feature-list options on their restaurant sites. You can update special features for celebration days to attract more customers and enhance restaurant business growth.

Order info- Email

Email is a simplest way for customers to order menu items online instead of contacting via mobiles. Confirmation E-mail notification sends to the customer via E-mail-ID instantly when the restaurant owners accepts or rejects orders. It is a best way of conversation for business purpose.

Restaurant Photos and Videos

Restaurant owners can upload exclusive menu-list, special offer/coupons images and amazing catering service food preparation videos in your restaurant sites.


The settings page consists of restaurant account login information, secured payment gateways, menu-list, server configurations, etc. Restaurant owner can customize the each and every setting of their restaurant sites according to your wish.

Votes & Likes

Users can vote on questions asked by other users and also they can like others photos. :Upwork Clone Script | PHP Marketplace Script and eCommerce Mobile Apps