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Task Rabbit Clone

Task Rabbit Clone Script

QuickRabbit Script is the elegant method to find things done by linking you with others in your region. By using the QuickRabbit Script, tasker can post their respective task and update the availability.

Advantage of Buying the QuickRabbit Script

QuickRabbit Script implements your all niche market thoughts and experience into your vision self-employed platform. If you want to start immediate business then Zoplay offers convenient PHP QuickRabbit Clone Script which includes highly developed features and functionalities.

Our Feature

Responsive Design

Smartphone and Tablet adoption is increasing rapidly. So the importance of mobile friendly websites is increasing day by day. So our team has come up with responsive version of Task rabbit clone.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration can be done in our Quick Rabbit Script and this will give the user instant geographic access.

Advanced Search option

With our Advanced search option both client as well as the tasker can search by Keyword, Category, Price, Location etc, this can save their time and get exact results.

Google Analytics Integration

Our script allows you to integrate your Google analytics account, which will help you to monitor user flow easily so that you can track your website traffic accordingly.

Multi Language

Our Script has an Integrated Manual Translator which translates the site into your desired language. So it helps you to launch your site your local language according to your convenience.

Multi Currency

Our Script comes with multiple currency features. This allows user to complete payment in their local currency using our integrated currency converter.

Social Sharing

You can share the task in your social media accounts, which will help you to get high quality social traffic to your website. Our script is made easier than ever for users to share your content to social networks.

Social Sign in

Nowadays almost all sites allow the new users to create accounts using their social media accounts like Facebook, twitter Google plus etc. So for user’s convenience we have added social sign in option which allows users to signup using their social accounts.

Bootstrap design

Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. It’s made for folks of all skill levels, devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes.

Additional Feature

Payment using credit card

Our Quick Rabbit script supports Payment through credit card. With our Advanced Payment module, Client can complete payment using Credit card seamlessly without any hassle.

Geo Location Based Service Listing

Taskers can see task based on their Geo Location. Our script will bring results based on their GEO Location (IP) which will help them get the exact task they are looking for.

Unlimited Tasks can be posted

There is no limitation in posting Tasks. Client can post unlimited number of Tasks in the website and script can handle hundreds of thousands of Task postings.

Newsletter subscription

Newsletter subscription button is integrated in our Quick Rabbit script, which allows users to subscribe to the latest task updates.

Versatile content management

We have built this Quick rabbit script in Laravel platform which gives a complete user friendly experience in managing with contents.

User Management

In Our Quick Rabbit Script, we made it easy for the Admin to Manage Users in a user friendly way. Adding a User, Editing User details and Deleting an User can be done easily.

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