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Our Services

Integrated Analytics for web only

Driver can check the ride stats and payment stats in a Graphical representation

School transport routes and timetables

Timetable information, view school transport routes on a map and find your nearest stop

Travel passes

Information on the new travel passes, when your pass will be sent out and lost passes

School transport - apply, appeal, renew or cancel

Apply for school transport, renew or cancel a Surplus Seat or appeal against a decision

School transport disruption

Disruptions to school bus routes and school closures due to strikes, snow and bad weather

Bus information

Bus operator contact details, lost property and the school transport code of conduct

Cycling and walking to school

The school run - a perfect way to fit cycling into your day, or try walking or scooting too!


The fare estimation can be checked easily by simply entering the from and to address on the estimation section


The Driver can Go online/offline instantly with a single button click. He need to Go Online to accept rides.


The Driver can Accept the User request or he can also reject the request simply by checking the callers location

Instant Alert

Alert is a an important factor; For eg. Once Driver has arrived an instant alert will be sent to Rider.

Search for Taxis using GPS

Cabily App uses GPS to search nearby Taxis, so that the ride will be booked with nearby drivers

Our Feature

Email Notifications

An email notification will be sent to the registered email id upon Registration and booking of each and every new rides along with complete details

SMS Notifications

As soon as the Driver confirms the ride request, an automated SMS Notification will be sent to the rider instantly along with all driver details

Automatic Billing

The billing is completely automatic based on the time consumed and kilometers travelled. The fares can be changed from admin panel.

turn-by-turn gps navigation

The movement of the cab be tracked on every movement using GPS Navigation

sms authentication

This is more flexible and user friendly Authentication done using OTP sent to the mobile number

advanced backend configuration

Admin can Track Reports, Track Drivers and Check Ratings.

fast booking

The speed of booking will be high when compared to other apps, as it is developed on a Mongo database

supports multi language

You can set up the dispatch software in multiple languages and it is completely dynamic.

automatic sms

SMS Verification is done when a user creates a new account. Cabily is integrated with Automatic SMS Module.

Why We Choose

Quick Cloud Installation

The cloud based installation can be done quickly and easily. Cloud servers are completely reliable, easily manageable and highly cost effective.

Custom Payment Gateway

Cabily app is completely customisable; so that we can integrate any payment gateway to the app easily and quickly at low hourly charges.

Rich User Interaction

Cabily's User and driver app are developed with best in class multi interface. App has elegant look and has an attractive design with rich user experience.


Both Rider and Driver can get feedback from each other after the completion of rides.


For convenient and cashless payment wallet money feature will be more appropirate.


Cabily App is integrated with Advanced search engine which searches and returns accurate results :Upwork Clone Script | PHP Marketplace Script and eCommerce Mobile Apps